Our ambitious new programme of weekly digital drama adventures are a brilliant educational tool, designed to support the new EYFS learning goals.

Build language and communication skills in an exciting way

Bring the world alive in the classroom

Take the fear out of drama for teachers

Zero planning and FREE bespoke resources to extend the learning

“At Little People’s we think of drama as a superpowered tool to help children develop and learn. Igniting curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning.”

Benefits of using our interactive, remote adventures in your classroom?

Our weekly drama adventures:

  • Help develop language and communication skills
  • Bring the world alive in your classroom in a creative way, boosting imaginations, self esteem and confidence
  • Support the new EYFS goals (see how below)
  • Are a great stimulant for conversation, story-telling and further role play, allowing children to continue sharing ideas with teachers and each other
  • Allow cross curricular learning
  • Come with a FREE bespoke resources pack that accompanies each digital adventure to extend the learning
  • Empower teachers who are unsure of how to use drama as a teaching tool and provide new ideas for those with experience
  • Have a clear structure so children have security in the familiar, yet each adventure has an exciting new theme.
  • Consist of 30 different themes to use across the year
  • Can be used on their own as a drama lesson or as part of your educational programme
  • May be used in any order, numerous times with any number of reception classes in your school
  • Bring a specialist drama practitioner into the classroom each week at a fraction of the cost
  • Can be run by any member of your team, no external practitioners and zero planning

With over 23 years experience in delivering and teaching drama, we believe passionately in the benefits a creative education and the life-long skills good drama teaching can provide.

Early years has been our focus since 2014 when Little People’s Drama Company was founded. Since then we have worked with thousands of children in schools, nurseries, theatres, festivals, libraries and community settings providing fun, quality drama adventures that develop;

Emotional awareness and empathy   •   Listening and concentration skills   •   Confidence   •   Social skills   •   Self awareness
Language and communication skills   •   Creative thinking and problem solving   •   Team players   •   Gross motor skills

We know this year more than ever children need to build fundamental language and communication skills lost within the pandemic.
Our digital platform allow schools all over the country to access our educational drama adventures, helping children build these skills whilst the schools benefit from having a specialist Drama practitioner delivering weekly within their Reception classrooms without the high cost.

Little People’s Drama is not about creating performers, but about using drama as a tool to help children to become social, confident and creative little people, ready to progress happily and successfully through their early years and beyond.

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Our sessions fully support early learning goals. We all know children learn best through play and to the untrained eye, observing one of our sessions, you will see children simply having a great deal of fun, but our games and adventures are tailored to Reception age children and support the new 2021 EYFS.

  • Through our songs, games and adventures, children not only learn to express themselves both verbally and physically but by role playing a variety of characters they can also improve and extend their communication and language skills. One session they may be vets, the next astronauts, or we may be visited by aliens speaking completely different languages!
  • Many of our games explore gross motor skills. So whether we are jumping like frogs, pretending to be flamingos standing on one leg at the zoo, taking part in the superhero olympics or balancing on the tightrope at the circus, our sessions support children to develop their core strength, stability, balance, spatial awareness, coordination and agility.
  • Role playing is such a wonderful tool for allowing children to explore and act out emotions in a safe and supportive way. Taking on roles or helping characters brings an understanding of their own and others feelings and situations. Who can resist helping return a delicate egg to its Mummy in our Dragon adventure or explaining to a bear why sharing is important in our Minibeasts adventure.
  • Helping the postman deliver the right letters to the right numbered doors, counting how many fish we have caught, or how many more eggs we need to make an enormous cake for the giant, are just a few examples of how drama can help develop a strong grounding of numeracy too.
  • Our adventures encourage cooperation, listening skills, concentration and taking turns, they are also great for building friendships.
  • We help children to be creative thinkers. When our boat springs a leak, our jeep gets stuck in the mud or Pip becomes ill, the children have to think on their feet, solve problems and respond to a range of imaginary situations. We also suggest ways they can build on adventures with their peers outside the classroom.
  • Time and time again even the shyest child grows in confidence and thrives through our adventures. In a matter of weeks they turn from not being able to look you in the eye, to fully active and suggesting ways to fix the Pirate Ship!

Please note: EYFS goals within this adventure are designed for children at the start of the new academic year. As the year progresses so does the learning content within each adventure.

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  • A 30 minute interactive drama adventure for the children to actively participate in   with a different theme each week.
  • Synopsis of adventure and a list of EYFS areas of learning covered.
  • FREE bespoke resource pack with up to 7 EYFS activities, linked to the adventure for extended learning.
  • Recommended stories to match the theme of the adventure.
  • A simple props list (however all adventures can be done without the use of props.)
  • Pause breaks during each adventure, allowing for additional conversation and discovery.
  • Free Pip*, our very special rabbit puppet who joins us on all our adventures plus instructions on how to bring him alive and use within your classroom setting.

All sessions are high quality and stimulating. They are professionally written and delivered by drama practitioners and created using an independent film company. We have also commissioned animators and artists so all our content is bespoke.

*For schools selecting a whole year of adventures with us.

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We all know young children thrive on routine and while each adventure has a different theme, the structure remains consistent;

  • HELLO SONG – sign language, actions and singing about our emotions
  • PIP’S QUESTION – our lovable rabbit puppet ‘Pip’ asks the children a question linked to the adventure.  An opportunity for children to discuss their likes, their emotions, past experiences and future hopes.
  • A WARM UP GAME – a chance to get physical and build some motor skills
  • AN INTERACTIVE ADVENTURE – Role play, imagination, confidence building, language and communication skills guaranteed in every adventure plus many more EYFS skills built into each one.
  • SUGGESTIONS FOR FURTHER LEARNING – ideas for teachers and children to extend the fun!

The adventures can run straight through if desired, but suggested pauses within them allows teachers time for sensitive questioning that invites children to elaborate on their learning, share ideas, achievements, hopes and feelings. Pauses also allow for props to be handed out and collected if you choose to use them.

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Each themed digital adventure comes with its own bespoke resource pack that contains up to 7 EYFS activities for use within the classroom to extend learning.

As the year progresses so do the activities.

Packs will always include any props that are specifically needed for each adventure, for example pirate maps or passports.

Links to adventures and resources are sent four weeks before the start of each term. Each adventure has its own webpage where resource packs are available to easily download.

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Puppets are a brilliant way to break down barriers, engage young children and initiate communication. They can be an incredible teaching tool to help encourage imaginative play as well as develop personal, social and emotional skills.

But choosing the right puppet and using them correctly is essential. They must not be intimidating and need to be sensitive to both the children’s age and needs.

Different puppets portray very different personalities. They can be naughty, good, cheeky or shy but it’s important to choose one that responds in a way that helps build a child’s trust which, in turn will encourage them to feel safe enough to explore unfamiliar situations and emotions.

At the very start of our Little People’s adventure, we took our time to find the right puppet and trialled several. Finally we chose Pip.
Pip is a soft, very gentle, adorable looking rabbit who can also be very animated. Only once you get to know him does his cheeky side start to appear.

When children first see Pip emerging from his lettuce, they are instantly engaged and the learning can begin without them even realising.

His gentle nature helps the most shy child overcome fear and in turn encourages concentration, speech and imagination. Children are fascinated by him and he helps them cross that line between reality and imagination.

Pip appears at the beginning and end of all our adventures. He asks the children questions related to the particular adventure they are about to go on and offers ideas at the end for them to continue with their own adventures. He is definitely considered to be favourite one of our team! He’s loved so much we’re considering letting him have his own Social Media account!

Any school selecting a whole year of adventures with us, will receive their very own free Pip, with instructions on how to bring him alive and use within your classroom setting.

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We are very conscious schools have restricted/tight budgets and we’ve kept the cost low. Our digital programme is cheaper and more Covid safe, than having an outside drama specialist attending your school.

Your first digital adventure and resource pack – Pirates – is free of charge for you to trial – contact us for access.

  • 3 terms (30 Digital Adventures + 30 bespoke resource packs)
    (30% saving)
    Includes your own Pip, the loveable rabbit puppet used each week. Pip also comes with resources as to how to use him.
  • 2 terms (20 Digital Adventures + 20 bespoke resource packs)
    £260 (24% saving)
  • 1 term (10 Digital Adventures + 10 bespoke resource packs)
    £150 (12% saving)
  • 12 term (5 Digital Adventures + 5 bespoke resource packs)

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Access to the Digital Adventures is sent 4 weeks prior to the start of each term.

The learning is limitless.

“I LOVE the hello song and the fact that you talk about it being ok to not be happy. The children loved the game and were completely engrossed in the adventure. It’s so clever and has so much in it; maths, science, healthy eating!!! The pace was so great and I loved the way you drew the children in with questions and really pushed them to use their imaginations. I thought of a million things that the children could do after. It is so cross curricular.”
Charlotte Wren – Reception teacher, London

“It was great to see their confidence grow and they listened so well.”
Apple Tree. Warwickshire

“We had a fabulous time. All of our children were fully engaged and enamoured with the adventure. Highly recommended, good value and entertaining.”
Lynne Barton, Director, Entrust Care Partnership.

“The children have a fabulous time from start to finish. They’re fully engaged and clearly having lots of fun as well as learning to listen to each other and growing in confidence.
I would highly recommend the Company.”

Allison Skipper, Head Teacher, Langley School, Taverham

“I used to teach music and dance and have experienced lots of different classes and I can honestly say I have never enjoyed any of them as much as yours. You are great at what you do.”
Zoe for Oakley aged 4

Fun, fast paced & imaginative, keeping children interested throughout the session. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”
Gwen Parker, Norfolk County Council

01603 895070

Give children the opportunity to play, explore and become be creative thinkers