I was a very shy child with a small voice but a huge imagination. When I was nine my Mum took me to see Swan Lake and I was instantly hooked on the magic of theatre and creative storytelling. It was suggested that drama might help me find my feet and after my first class I never looked back. I attended every Saturday, joined a youth theatre company and at eighteen left home to train as an actor.

After graduating with a BA Hons in Theatre Arts I knew I wanted to teach. Over eighteen years and three children later, I have acted with, directed and taught children and young people of all ages, with different backgrounds and experiences. I have directed many times for the Norfolk’s Schools Opera Project, was Artistic Director of the professional Actors Company and am currently Deputy Director at the Norwich Theatre Royal Arts Course.

I started Little People’s Drama Company because I believe passionately in the benefits of creative education and the life long skills good drama teaching can provide. I love watching our little people explore and grow through drama and creative play and always look forward to the new and exciting things they discover in every session.


After Kermit the Frog, drama was my first love. I went to both drama and speech classes twice a week for 10 years and during that time I met Jo.

Since then I have developed and managed several businesses both locally and internationally, including those in the talent sector, I’ve embraced the wonder of becoming a mother and step-mother too. I am now using my 20year business experience to expand and promote Little People’s Drama Company and love what I do.

I organise the day to day business management, admin and promotion, leaving class planning, syllabus and teaching to the professionals. You’ll see me dashing in and out of classes taking photos, saying ‘hi’ and seeking the joy of watching our students faces light up and their imaginations spark with all the thrill that drama brings.

We have high aspirations for Little People’s Drama Company and passionately believe that what we do and the quality of how we deliver it would be embraced not only in many other areas of the UK but internationally too. Most important though is that every child loves each class. It’s all about the moment.




I grew up in Norwich and always enjoyed theatre and music at school, but it was a bit later that I decided I was going to try and make it my profession. I trained at drama school and worked for several years as an actor, touring the UK and abroad in plays from classical Shakespeare to contemporary comedy.

I then became the Programme Manager for the arts charity Poet in the City, a fantastic role which combined my love of literature with performing for live audiences.

I oversaw an annual programme of literary events in venues across London, often hosting on stage and performing poetry, and working with some wonderful poets and actors.

I returned to Norwich almost two years ago, coming home to rediscover a city brimming with arts and culture. I’m really excited to be working with Little People’s Drama, particularly as I now have a little person of my own who loves going on amazing adventures!




Hello! I’m from Norwich and have always had a passion for creativity. The freedom to be creative is vital for anyone and everyone from all backgrounds and places. When I was young I had so much energy, finding creativity in the forms of Acting and music allowed me to put that energy into something good!

I’ve been a professional Actor for the last two years and have had the pleasure to work with some wonderful companies and people so far. From the likes of Warner Bros and the History channel to local companies like Twisted Reality Theatre and the Theatre royal Norwich.

Bringing parts of my job as an actor into my job as a tutor for Little People’s Drama gives me such happiness. Being creative and giving young children a place they’re free to play and learn is truly a dream come true!

I hope to see you soon for some wonderful adventures!




I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t grown up immersed in performing arts. From a very young age, I began taking dance classes and my interests gradually shifted more towards drama and theatre as I grew older. I’ve been obsessed with performance ever since I played Alice in my primary school’s production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and I continued performing in dance shows and school plays as a teenager.

I graduated the University of Worcester with a first class BA (Hons) degree in Drama and Performance. Whilst at university, I began tailoring my module selections so that I could gain more experience working with children, I loved it because I felt as though they really understood why the fun and playful side of drama is so beneficial for children.

I really admire how drama can encourage a child to be the best version of themselves; it can complement a child’s relentless excitement for play, or can encourage the shyest of children to get involved with something they may have otherwise been too nervous about doing. I know that I have personally benefited greatly from drama!

I am over the moon to continue working with Little People’s and I am so excited to share my passion for the magic of drama with your little ones!




I have always loved telling stories. I used to put on shows with my brother and sister when we were very little and I was lucky to go to a tiny village school where everything was taught through play.

Throughout school, I made the most of every opportunity to perform and to encouraged my friends to join in too! At college, I choreographed my first musical. This led me to apply to drama school where I studied Drama, Applied Theatre and Education. Since graduating in 2011, I have been lucky to work with some amazing artists and companies including, Polka Theatre, Stratford Circus, Shakespeare Schools Festival, Rose Bruford Youth Theatre and Tender Education and Arts.

As well as working as a drama practitioner, I am a director, choreographer and have just finished writing my first children’s book.

When I left London and decided to move home, I was nervous that I’d struggle to find companies that shared my love of using theatre for education, bringing people together and helping children to develop in confidence. When I found Little People’s, I realised that I needn’t have worried.




As a child, I was quiet, shy and retiring- unless I was playing with my teddies and dressing up things. I discovered Drama quite accidentally, at the age of 16, when I had a gap to fill on my A level timetable! I went on to train as a teacher with Drama as one of my mains. Working with Nursery and Infant age children, I loved the fact that play and learning could go hand in hand. Learning through discovery and particularly through the Arts was always something I worked hard to promote, particularly as a Headteacher.

In a different career direction I worked, for over 10 years, as a tutor on the Theatre Royal Arts Course and have now been a Foster Carer for 16 years. I also perform with a local physical theatre company and love nothing more than working and playing with others to lose and discover ourselves all at the same time!

I am so impressed with what The Little People’s Drama Company offers and am really excited to be working with them. I can’t wait to meet and work with you and your little people. Dressing up and adventures are calling to me once again!




I grew up in rural Shropshire and when I was four years old, my family stumbled across a magical place nestled in the hills. Two converted, whitewashed cow sheds with wooden floors and stone walls, just big enough for a group of children to dance and discover the joys of drama and stories. Visitors would often see students pirouetting in the garden or practising their monologues to an audience of local sheep. The Studio became my second home and before flying the nest to go to University, I started to learn to teach.

I became a performer and worked with a range of companies in the UK and Ireland making work for young audiences. A little while later after studying at drama school, I started to teach in Primary Schools in London. I ran performing arts sessions which explored the curriculum using movement, drama and music. It gave me first hand experience of how transformative creative work can be. It is such a privilege seeing young people expressing themselves, working together and growing in confidence. I really believe we all learn best when we have the chance to be creative.

I am absolutely delighted to be working with Little People’s Drama Company and to share new adventures with your young people.




From the age of 2 I was desperate to be on the stage & I was lucky enough to start dance classes when I was 3. I loved Drama at school & at home I spent most of my spare time in fancy dress kartwheeling around the garden! I was so excited to start Saturday Drama classes at the age of 7 and I continued with these until I left Norwich for university at 18. The effect of this training was far-reaching, not least in building my confidence and social skills.

I went on to gain a First Class Honours Degree in Art & Performance, after which I returned to Norwich and taught children between the ages of 2 and 14 at a local performing arts school, as well as delivering interactive art workshops for children and adults at festivals. I enjoyed teaching so much that I undertook my formal teacher training and went on to teach A-level Drama & Theatre Studies for a number of years whilst also performing & touring shows with Nunah Physical Theatre Company. Now with two children and two dogs of my own, I am a freelance teacher and practitioner. My work includes delivering various classes for Norwich Theatre Royal, private tuition and running The Mousehold Theatre Company.

I am delighted to be part of the Little People’s team as I’ll be able to help nurture little ones & see them flourish as we go on lots of adventures together!




When I was a child, I used to put on plays and musicals with my older sister and our friends. We used to sit our parents down to watch us and they always encouraged us so much, which certainly boosted our confidence. I used this adoration for drama to help me work through my LAMDA grades throughout my school years.

I trained as a teacher at Bath Spa University, and since then, I have worked in schools in Norfolk, London, and Oxfordshire. I love working with little ones and helping their minds to grow and watching them undertake new experiences. During my teaching career, I have always direct the Christmas plays for children aged between 2-8, as well as some Musical Extravaganzas, including Matilda and Beauty and the Beast. I am aware of the positive impact drama had on my self-confidence as both a child and as a young adult and I am so keen to be part of that journey whilst working for the company.

Working with Little People’s Drama has already put an enormous smile on my face, and I am so excited to meet your little ones, take them on exciting adventures and put smiles on their faces too!