With over 23 years experience in delivering and teaching drama, we believe passionately in the benefits a creative education and the life skills good drama teaching can provide.

Early years and Key Stage 1 have been our focus since 2014 when Little People’s Drama Company was founded. Since then we have worked with thousands of children in schools, nurseries, theatres, festivals, libraries and community settings, delivering fun, educational drama adventures.

Little People’s Drama is not about creating performers but about giving children the skills to become social, confident and creative little people, ready to progress happily and successfully through their early years and beyond.


Digital Programme for nurseries

Nursery Visits in Norfolk

“I LOVE the hello song and the fact that you talk about it being ok to not be happy. The children loved the game and were completely engrossed in the adventure. It’s so clever and has so much in it; maths, science, healthy eating!!! The pace was so great and I loved the way you drew the children in with questions and really pushed them to use their imaginations. I thought of a million things that the children could do after. It is so cross curricular.”
Charlotte Wren – Reception teacher, London

“It was great to see their confidence grow and they listened so well.”
Apple Tree. Warwickshire

“We had a fabulous time. All of our children were fully engaged and enamoured with the adventure. Highly recommended, good value and entertaining.”
Lynne Barton, Director, Entrust Care Partnership.

“The children have a fabulous time from start to finish. They’re fully engaged and clearly having lots of fun as well as learning to listen to each other and growing in confidence.
I would highly recommend the Company.”
Allison Skipper, Head Teacher, Langley School, Taverham

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