Little People’s Drama Co. has been successfully delivering quality drama classes since 2014, working in both school and community settings including the Millennium Library and Norwich Theatre Royal. Pre-Covid we were teaching 300+children aged 2-7 yrs each week.

We returned to schools in September ’20, working with Reception aged children to help rebuild confidence, language and motor skills that had potentially been challenged during the first lockdown. Our classes have a clear structure and include many of the EYFS skills.

Finding ourselves back in lockdown and at the schools request, we have found a new way to continue producing fun and creative learning. We are recording interactive online drama sessions each week during the continued school closures which are being sent to families as part of schools online learning.

The feedback from both schools and parents has been so positive that we are now in a position to offer them out to all schools.

Videos are suitable for Nursery and Reception children and can be watched by the children alone but are also wonderful opportunities for parents and siblings to get involved and aid creative play.

Each video consists of:
Hello song
A drama game
An interactive adventure
Suggestions to further learning

Our weekly online sessions are £40 per school. We will provide you with a link to a password protected drama session each week which you can send home to parents as part of their learning experience.

To see a sample of a current video, please contact us.

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Creatively engaging with children through drama & play helps promote:


Understanding of the world around them
Emotional development and empathy
Listening and concentration
Social and self awareness
Language and communication skills
Creative thinking and problem solving
Ability to be a team player
Physical development

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