With over 23 years extensive experience teaching drama to children, we at Little People’s know the enormous and positive effects drama can have on a child’s life.

Most of the work we do is with Schools, Nurseries, Preschools and Playgroups, delivering age specific drama sessions either on site or via remote learning.

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The benefits of drama and the power of imaginative play are becoming increasingly recognised, and as such, many nurseries, preschools and schools place real value on these areas.

In the early years, drama is not about the child becoming a performer, but about giving them the opportunity to become social, confident and creative little people, ready to progress happily and successfully through their early school years and beyond. It’s also great fun!



At Little People’s Drama our sessions fully support the National Curriculum. We all know children learn best through play. To the untrained eye, observing one of our sessions, one will see children simply having a great deal of fun, but our games and adventures are tailored to the needs of specific age groups and support the EYFS and Key Stage 1.

Prime areas:
Language and communication skills
Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development

Specific areas:
Understand the world around them
Expressive arts and design

  • Through songs, games, role play and our adventures, children not only learn to express themselves both verbally and physically (using facial expressions and body language), but also extend their language skills by taking on the roles of a variety of characters. One session they may be vets or astronauts, and the next they are visited by aliens speaking a strange language!
  • Many of our games explore motor skills. So whether we are, jumping like frogs, pretending to be flamingos standing on one leg at the zoo, taking part in the superhero olympics or balancing on the tightrope at the circus, our sessions help to improve children’s physical development.
  • Role playing is such a wonderful tool for allowing children to explore and act out emotions in a safe and supportive way. Taking on roles or helping characters, brings an understanding of others feelings and situations, developing empathy. Who can resist helping the baby alien find his mummy on one of our space adventures!
  • Helping the postman deliver the right letters to the right numbered doors, counting how many fish we have caught, or the number of eggs needed to make the enormous giant’s cake are just a few examples of how drama can help develop numeracy skills too.
  • Time and time again we have seen the shyest child grow in confidence and thrive through our sessions. In a matter of weeks they go from not being able to look you in the eye, to fully active in the adventures and suggesting ways to fix the pirates ship! It’s the best part of our job, seeing little people thrive.
  • Our sessions encourage cooperation, concentration, listening skills and taking turns. They are also great for building relationships and friends.
  • And finally, our sessions help children to be creative thinkers. In our adventures they have to think on their feet, solve problems and respond to a range of imaginary situations. Their imaginations help the adventure evolve into their own unique story.

We have nearly a hundred different sessions and each one allows children to explore a range of themes, places and situations, sparking their interest and imaginations about the world we live in.

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Creatively engaging with children through drama & play helps promote:

Understanding of the world around them
Emotional development and empathy
Listening and concentration
Social and self awareness
Language and communication skills
Creative thinking and problem solving
Ability to be a team player
Physical development

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“The library sessions run by the Little People’s Drama Company complement and enhance our aim to engage children with books and stories, help build their confidence and imagination, and support their social development. The leader has been called a Superstar by customers, who love the enthusiastic, interactive and inclusive style of the stories and activities. They are fun, fast paced and imaginative, and keep young children interested throughout the session.
The company is a joy to work with – efficient, cooperative, friendly, creative and positive. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Gwen Parker
Norfolk Library and Information Service
Norfolk County Council