Suzy and I are always on the same page when it comes to running Little People’s Drama Company, however we are very different when it comes to Christmas and the buying of presents!

Suzy has her presents all bought and wrapped by 1st December. This has been my ultimate goal for many years, but I’m ashamed to say I have never succeeded. Most years you can find me still wrapping on Christmas Eve whilst eating chocolates and with a glass of something on tap!! So Suzy’s gifts are always perfectly wrapped with precision and creativity, whereas mine are, well….. at least they’re wrapped!!!!

But one thing is for certain, what’s inside our presents is always something that builds on our children’s imaginations.

So wherever you are in the Christmas present scheme of things, we wanted to share a few of our “go to” favourites that might bring some (happy) drama into your special day.

Puppets are a fantastic present for children as they encourage imagination, language and communication skills as well as being enormous fun. There are so many options out there now, finger puppets, realistic animals, people, fantasy puppets, story book characters, the choice is endless. Take a look at the company Puppets by Post. It’s where we buy many of the puppets we use in our sessions., including Pip! They also have a great Facebook page to follow. If you can afford to buy two puppets, that’s always a good shout because this creates many more opportunities for conversations.

Wooden toys will last forever, they are much better for the environment than plastic and will sell for more once your little one has outgrown them. Again so much choice, but we always love a picnic basket full of contents or anything shop or food related. These can then be used for creating many imaginary scenarios from shops, cafe’s, trips to the park with teddies, mimicking adults cooking dinners, preparing food for pets or farm animals, and so much more. Although I am also an old time friend of raiding the kitchen cupboards for saucepans, tupperware, wooden spoons, dried pasta and raisins, which ultimately have the same effect although not as pretty looking!
My favourite picnic set can be found at

Storybooks I don’t believe you can ever have enough books in your house and there is nothing more delightful than snuggling up with your little one and having a story. Children’s storybooks have come such a long way in the past 10 years and there are so many magnificent children’s books out there to choose from. I often spend a couple of hours a term sitting in a well known bookshop looking at all the beautifully creative new books on sale and wondering how I can build a new adventure around them.
Check out this fabulous local author I’ve discovered recently, Ben Manley, who has created such wonderful stories that sit within pages full of amazing illustrations. Albert Talbot, Master of Disguise is my favourite.


Lovely independent companies to take a look at :

Also visit Sensory Trust website and look under SHOP. They have a wonderful game called Go Find It.

Whatever you decide to buy your little ones (or big ones) for Christmas, remember the most precious thing you can give a child is your time.

Happy Christmas everyone x